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Well-being, sustainability, handmade work and Franco-Brazilian culture

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Design Gallery: Firma Casa
Exposition & Arts Fairs Participation: ArPA MADE 2023
SP-Arte 2023 - deezign
ArPA MADE 2022

IDA-International Design Awards Bronze winner 2020. Produto Escrivaninha Marajoara. - A’ Design Awards Silver “Umbu Lamp” - Honorable Mention, MCB Award 2014, Berimbau pending for the Bertolucci brand. - Finalist Prix du Public, , Rado Star Prize, Paris Design Week 2014. - Finalist design award of the Brazilian House Museum 2013, prototype category. Puma Project. - Finalist In Nature award, urban installation project. - Finalist Max House award, interior design concept design for nature. - Finalist Planet House, Casa Verde, housing project held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. - Finalist Design for all, accessibility design award. - Holcim Award, Calabre Parcosol contest, part of the Off Architecture team, Paris, France. - First prize contest Calabre Parcosol, viaduct housing, Italy, Off Architecture team.
Toyon Arts, Mark Cunningham, ODG Interior, Kim Alexandriuk, BeCky Shea Design, Jean Liu Design, INC NYC, Elizabeth Roberts Architects, Eli Dweck Designs, Jeremiah Brent, Firma Casa, Decameron

About the Atelier
A balanced design, which is neither too simple and sober nor too ostentatious, crossing national and international references. We are influenced by our personal and professional experiences that we have had abroad and here - whether in France, Germany or Brazil, working notably in the offices of Massimiliano Fuksas in Paris, DBB archi tects in São Paulo. We currently design for private clients, architects and renowned stores in São Paulo; in addition, we sell our own collection in physical stores, online, and through direct contact. Our customers are in Brazil and the United States.

Juliana Bertolucci
She graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo, FAU USP, selected to represent FAU in the Opera Prima competition. Graduated in Ecological Strategies for Environmental Comfort - HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale, Paris) in France. Winner of the French scholarship from Ile de France, Paris. Worked at the international office Massimiliano Fuksas in Paris.

Clement Gerard
Architect HMONP ENSAG - France, Master in “Architecture and Sensitive Culture of the Environment (light, sound, tactile and heat), specific training aiming at the elaboration of Qualified and User-Centered Experiences (in partnership with the laboratory CRESSON + CNRS - Centro Nacional for Scientific Research)

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